Author: Rob.Spencer

Need “Run as administrator” on Windows 10?

Trivial finds are often the most useful! Since Windows 10, taskbar icons are no longer “links” and you can’t right-click them to get the “Run as administrator” option. This is *SO* frustrating if it is something that you rely on.

Chocolatey FTW!

Chocolatey from is the best thing ever! If you are a Windows .NET developer, you’ve probably heard of NuGet. It keeps track of what add-on packages you are using, including dependencies and allows you a lovely way of keeping

We’ve come a long way

This is a bit of a reflective post. I love programming in C# – it has so many features, the documentation is abundant and there are so many code samples to help you find a way to do almost anything

Outer Joins in SQL

I know this isn’t rocket science but I learnt a valuable lesson today and thought I should share it. When doing an outer join, particularly a full outer join, make sure that the source tables are already filtered before the

Git on Windows

We use Git for our standard source control (except for any VFP work we do where we still use Visual SourceSafe) despite the lack of a great Windows client. Mostly I personally use GitHub for Windows even though we don’t host